Feltárás nélküli technológiák: szakértelmünkNO-DIG technologies: our expertise

NO-DIG technologies: our expertise

Important actor in the design and realisation of underground civil works linked to water infrastructures and other networks the SADE Ltd. deploys a wide range of trenchless techniques: traditional sheeting technologies for galleries and shafts, as well as pipe jacking by microtunneling, and pipe bursting.


The microtunneling is a pipe jacking method to apply for constructing of underground pipelines. The procedure is a good solution for drinking water or waste water, but also for heating, or for telecommunication systems. The SADE Ltd. treats the diameter scale from 500 mm to 2500 mm, while the length to lie is unlimited. The cutting head of the microtunneling material can be adapted to the soil type of the site. The cuttings mixed with water are transported to the surface, where before the storage a proper treatment is carried out.


Pipe bursting

The pipe bursting technology is applied for reconstructing cast iron, steel or plastic pipes of drinking water supply, waste water drainage or gas distribution networks. The bursting machine is installed at the bottom of a shaft on the pipeline to be changed, and a rod is pushed inside. While pulling back this rod the burst head breaks the old pipe and lays the new one attached behind, using the same old line. Beyond advantages like high speed and strong reliability, this technology allows to lay the pipes of bigger diameter  from place to place. Thus the network’s capacity is developed with a minimum visible disturbance on the surface.  


  • The SADE Ltd. has been practicing this NO DIG technique for more than 15 years,
  • Only one pulling spot is enough to realise a length from 20 to 100 m,
  • During the recent years pipelines on more than 20 km were reconstructed.


Main collector laying in residential area

Main collector laying in residential area

Protecting tube laying under the metro

Protecting tube laying under the metro
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