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Civil engineering

SADE Ltd. has significant experience in the design, refurbishment and in the implementation of the civil engineering related to networks. The construction or the refurbishment of any hydraulic civil engineering or equipment is an everyday task for the company.

Pump station and wastewater treatment plant

SADE Ltd’s activity includes the design, the construction and the refurbishment of civil engineering work like the storm basins, the pump stations and the special civil engineering.

SADE Ltd. can offer a solution for the industrial clients for their equipment that comply with the controls: separation of rainwater and wastewater systems, installation of hydrocarbon separation, construction of gas storage tank, effluent civil engineering…


SADE Ltd. builds wastewater and sludge treatment plants for its municipal and private clients, these plants are operated by different technologies and they can meet the treatment capacity requirements  . SADE Ltd. designs and constructs new civil engineering as well, also undertakes the refurbishment or capacity enhancement of an existing civil engineering work.

Drinking water treatment plants

SADE Ltd. has gained considerable skills in the field of water treatment that filters materials (iron, manganese, arsenic) harmful to the human health. It can improve the water quality by applying different technologies: using sand filter or membrane filter.


Since its foundation, water is one of the most important of its activities.


In this context, SADE Ltd. attempts to protect the water, since it is a rare and a fragile natural resource.

Other hydraulic civil engineering

SADE Ltd. since its foundation keeps those undertakings (continuous supply of water, respect ofresidents, the protection of water quality…) that were promised to their clients and maintain the service providers and local governments’ hydraulic property: fountains, drinking water tanks, water towers… 


This is confirmed by numerous references acquired in this field.


Hajduszoboszlo : development of a WWTP of a spa town

Hajduszoboszlo : development of a WWTP of a spa town

Pécs : reconstruction of a wastewater pump station

Pécs : reconstruction of a wastewater pump station

Abony : drinking water reservoir to a tight deadline

Abony : drinking water reservoir to a tight deadline
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