Our activitiesTelecommunication


Since its foundation SADE Ltd., takes part in the development of the national telecommunication for many years. Its expertise is acknowledged in the construction, installation, and maintenance of telecommunications networks.

SADE Ltd. has a technological expertise related to telecommunication networks and it offers a complete range of services:


  • Call Center management
  • Network repair
  • Intervention at the subscriber side
  • Maintenance of networks
  • Elaboration of a preventive maintenance plan
  • Telephone centers’ management and operation
  • New connections’ implementation
  • Subscription’s set-up 
  • Substructure work related to network development
  • Cable laying work related to network development

This knowledge which is supported by SADE Télécom’s planning office, allows that a comprehensive service is provided for all the state and private clients.


It can be wired or wireless network, surveillance or pass systems, SADE Ltd. offers a complete service: from the feasibility study to the subscription’s set-up. 

SADE-Magyarország Mélyépítő Kft. – 2040 Budaörs, Szabadság út 301. – Levelezési cím: 1518 Bp., Pf.: 54. – Email: – Telefon:+36 23 513 930 – Fax:+36 23 513 931