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SADE Ltd.’s activity covers all stages of the water cycle: from design and implementation of the networks to the water’s extraction from its natural environment through its handling and disposal after use. All these include transport and distribution pipelines, connections and related civil engineering.

Drinking water

In the field of drinking water SADE Ltd. constructs pipelines from any material (cast iron, steel, HDPE, PVC and GRP).

SADE Ltd.’s activity covers the following:


  • well-borings and water extraction;
  • laying pipelines and connections;
  • the assurance of the hydraulic equipment’s conformity, the related civil engineering works.


In the field of wastewater treatment SADE Ltd. constructs pipelines from any material (vitrified clay, concrete, cast iron, HDPE, PVC and GRP) and in any diameter and assure: 

  • proper marking of the construction area,
  • prior drillings, 
  • relocation of the collective property that are in the construction area, 
  • earthworks, 
  • shield of the ditches, 
  • displacement of already existing pipe,
  • construction of the pipes and connections,
  • placement of the concrete and the reinforced concrete manholes,
  • masonry works: shafts, ladders, trapdoors, manholes,
  • restoration of the road’s covering.


SADE Ltd. has many years of experience in the field of construction of rainwater drainage networks. 


Its skilled construction teams build opened and closed precipitation sewer systems for municipal and private clients as well. 

Specific networks: fire water and irrigation water systems.

SADE Ltd. offers turn-key solutions for its industrial clients for the production units, or for the local governments for the public places: fire water and irrigation water networks’ design and implementation.


In case of specific networks, the design has an outstanding importance, since the goal is the implementation of the reliable systems that are easy to operate.


Békéscsaba : 1 town and 136 km of networks

Békéscsaba : 1 town and 136 km of networks
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