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For practicing its professions SADE Ltd. has well qualified experts, with whom SADE is able to ensure any kind of work, simple or complex, traditional or extraordinary.

Discover our project management's professions

Project Manager

Directing the projects’ construction works that they are responsible for. Company’s representation face to partners in connection with the projects.  Elaborate the project’s implementation and its continuous actualization, supervise the design works and the implementation, contact with own construction teams, and with Partners. Keeping the Project business plan’s implementations. Report directly to the Regional Director.

Site Manager

Responsible for the execution of the works. He organizes and coordinates the execution (HR, stock, engines) and dialogue with all participants of sites. Responsible for the methods used and the work’s quality.

Field supervisor

Lead the project’s special-trade and other works on the site according to the foreman’s expectation. The skilled – workers, the trained men, the subcontractors’ work control, supervision, constant presence on the site. Keep the readiness schedule up to date and organize the supply.

Discover our construction professions


Tasks: Operation of different construction machines: excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, cranes, small excavators, rammers.

Perfect knowledge of the machines, respect of the work safety regulations. Participation in the machine’s maintenance.

Skilled worker

The skilled worker takes part in the construction work (cable fitter, electrician, bricklayer, operator, pipe layers). He reports to the site manager.


He provides all the regional and workshops welding tasks.

Weld steel, metal sheets, stainless steel pipes.

Fulfill the daily/weekly work program and aims, following the welding process.

Discover our production support professions

IMS (Integrated Management System) engineer

IMS (Integrated Management System) engineerProviding the integrated management system (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 ISO 50 001, OHSAS 18001 and MSZ 28001) and its permanent improvement. 

Providing the proper operation for the organization, the responsibilities, the procedures, the methods and for the resources.

Study engineer

Participating in the preparation of bids and tenders. 

Analyzing the plans, technical descriptions, administrative and technical instructions. 

Defining the necessary material and tool quantity.

Calculating the costs and the human resources’ cost.

Obtaining prices from the suppliers, comparing the prices, occasionally taking part in negotiations, preparing the budget.

Writing the constructional instruction system, providing the work’s preparation and follow-up, and  he development of the budget. He can prepare the construction schedule.

Technical assistant

The technical assistant ensures the administrative tasks related to the construction work, based on the company’s rules, norms and procedures: manages the construction records, demolition permits, obtains the public land reservation licenses, distributes the implementation plans, manages the plan references, prepares reports.

Technical tender administrator
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